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MAX Torque: 1,800 IN-LBS
Impacts/Min: 3,700
Max RPM 3,000
Weight 2.1 lbs
Batteries Included: (2) – M18 XC 5.0Ah
Adj Speed: 4-Spd
Tool Length: 5.25 Inches

Not sure if you should pick up a Milwaukee Impact Driver? Well, you should!

The 2753-22 Milwaukee Impact Driver kit is an impressive offering from our favorite tool company (we un-apologetically love Milwaukee tools). It has everything you would want in an impact driver and at a great price.

This all in one kit is more than enough to get you going with the Milwaukee platform if you don’t yet have any Milwaukee Tools. And if you do, this kit comes with quite a lot to add to your collection at a decent price.

We love this Milwaukee Impact Driver so much that we ranked it as #1 on our Best Impact Driver list.

What are the features?

An Adjustable 4 Speed Setting

Close-up of Milwaukee Impact Driver 2753-22 Adjustable Speed SettingsThe 2753-22 Milwaukee Impact Driver comes with 4 adjustable driver settings. The first mode delivers 0-850 RPM in Mode 1, 0-2100 RPM in Mode 2, and 0-3000 RPM in Mode 3. There 4th mode is an additional mode specifically used for driving self tapping screws.

Manufacturers have begun adding adjustable speed settings for impact drivers because of the insane amount of power they can deliver. For some novices it can be too much to handle with finesse.

Self-Tapping Screw Mode:

Depiction of the three different phases of Self Tapping Screw Mode: Controlled Start, Fast Driving, and Controlled Finish Milwaukee’s Self-Tapping Screw Mode is designed to reduce walking when starting self-tapping screws as well as reduce overdriving, breaking, and stripping out of screws.

The mode is set up to provide a controlled start, followed up by a quick drive, and then a controlled finish, which slows the driver down to prevent over-driving or the snapping/stripping of screws.

LED Light:

Man using Milwauke Impact Driver 2753 to screw into ductwork.  This is a demonstration of the LED light feature of this tool. LED Lights are pretty standard on most decent impact drivers these days, but they are still worth mentioning.

This LED light will turn on when the trigger is pulled, and remain on for a few seconds after the last time the trigger was pulled.

These lights will help you see while you’re working, however, the light is located between head shaft of the tool and the trigger. Shadows will often occur and you will not be able to adequately illuminate the necessary areas in all situations. Dewalt and Rigid both now offer tools with 3 lights that circle the head shaft of the tool and provide much better lighting.

This tool also features Milwaukee’s M18 FUEL system.
Read Milwaukee’s overview of the FUEL system to learn more.

How does it stack up against the competition?

Let’s see how the Milwaukee Impact Driver 2753-22 stacks up against some of the offering from other leading manufacturers.

Milwaukee Makita DeWALT DeWALT
Model Number: 2753-22 XDT12T DCF887D2 DCF886D2
MAX Torque: 1,800 in-lbs 1,550 in-lbs 1,825 in-lbs 1,500 in-lbs
Weight (tool only): 2.1 lbs 2.4 lbs 2.0 lbs 2.1 lbs
Tool Length: 5.25 inches 4.63 inches
5.30 inches 5.55 inches
Speed Settings: 4-speed / Self Tapping Screw Mode 4-Speed / A-Mode / T-Mode 3-Speed None
Max Impacts/Min: 3,700 3,800 3,200 3,800
Battery: (2) 5.0Ah RED LITHIUM XC (2) 5.0Ah 18V LXT (2) 2.0Ah 20V MAX XR (2) 2.0Ah 20V MAX XR
Tool Warranty: 5 years
3 years 3 years 3 years
Shop this tool:

The 2753-22 Milwaukee Impact Driver really performs well when compared against other impact driver in the market. The tool is competitive in pretty much every category and is available at an amazing price of only $249.

While the Dewalt DCF887 is available for only $199, we feel that you get your money’s worth with the extra $50 that is spent because of the much better batteries and the 5 year warranty that comes with this kit (the Dewalt kit only has a 3 year warranty)

When compared against all of the other kits in this price range, we found that this was the best all-around kit that you could get for your money.

What do we love about it?


Weighing in at 1,800 in-lbs of torque, the 2753-22 Milwaukee Impact Driver smokes most of the competition. The other other drivers that we have tested that can even compare are the Dewalt DCF887 (1,825) and the RIGID GENX5 (2,000 — we were not able to independently test this driver).

In our side by side testing of this product with the Milwaukee and the Dewalt, we found that the Milwaukee handled the amount of power much better than the Dewalt. When applying maximum torque, the Dewalt to have more “shake”, which made it harder to control. The Milwaukee on the other hand, had much less shake and was easier to control under.

The Included Batteries :

We love that batteries that come with this set. The two 5.0Ah REDLITHIUM Extended Capacity batteries that are included are more than enough for most applications. Milwaukee has 6.0 and 9.0Ah batteries available separately if you want to boost the battery life even further.

The New Features:

The adjustable speed modes have been a much needed feature for a while and we are glad that Milwaukee has decided to include these in their new impact drivers. We also love the fact that Milwaukee has included a Self-Tapping Screw Mode as well. I drive so many self tapping screws in my day to day, and this has noticeably made my life easier.

It’s Lightweight: 

2.1 pounds is about as light as it gets when it comes to impact drivers. The only other driver that beats out this 2753 is Dewalt’s DCF887 series.

What could be better

Not much. We really do think that this is the best all around package that you can buy.

Overall Score: 9.1/10

Perfect. That’s all we can say about this set. Milwaukee has gotten everything right.

Its a monster of a tool, it has great features, and is priced very well.

What more could you want from a tool?

If you aren’t committed to any particular tool company’s platform, we recommend you pick up this kit ASAP!

Power (Max Torque)
1800 in-lbs
2.1 lbs
Included Batteries
Two 5.0Ah 18V
4-Spd, Self Tapping Screw Mode
5 Years

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